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Her One Mistake What Should Have Been A Fun Filled, Carefree Day Takes A Tragic Turn For The Worse For One Mother When Her Best Friend S Child Goes Missing In This Seriously Page Turning Lisa Jewell, New York Times Bestselling Author , Suspenseful, And Darkly Twisted Psychological Thriller Charlotte Was Supposed To Be Looking After The Children, And She Swears She Was But While Her Three Kids Are All Safe And Sound At The School Fair, Alice, Her Best Friend Harriet S Daughter, Is Nowhere To Be Found Frantically Searching Everywhere, Charlotte Knows She Must Find The Courage To Tell Harriet That Her Beloved Only Child Is Missing And Admit That She S Solely To Blame.Harriet, Devastated By This Unbearable Loss, Can No Longer Bring Herself To Speak To Charlotte Again, Much Less Trust Her Now, Isolated Than Ever And Struggling To Keep Her Marriage Afloat, Harriet Believes Nothing And No One But As The Police Bear Down On Both Women, Trying To Piece Together The Puzzle Of What Happened To This Little Girl, Dark Secrets Begin To Surface And Harriet Discovers That Trusting Charlotte Again May Be The Only Thing That Will Reunite Her With Her Daughter.This Breathless And Fast Paced Novel Perfect For Fans Of Big Little Lies And The Couple Next Door Takes You On A Chilling Journey That Will Keep You Guessing Until The Very Last Page.

Reading ➸ Her One Mistake  Author Heidi Perks –
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Her One Mistake
  • Heidi Perks
  • 09 September 2019
  • 9781501198328

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    Riveting, thought provoking affecting This was quite the emotional psychological thriller that immediately drew me in and had me totally glued to those pages for the entirety of reading this book The storyline is one that I seem to be always drawn to and where this book deals with every parent s worst nightmare, a missing child there is a nice twist to this one that definitely made this a different reading experience for me The angst and devastation that you feel for these characters along with the pacing and short chapters made this an extremely palpable, fast and unputdownable read HER ONE MISTAKE by HEIDI PERKS is a compelling, chilling, suspenseful, and a compulsive read that was an easy book to escape into that didn t have too much darkness to it The intensity level of this book gradually builds as the story progresses and there is also this subtle undertone of unease that makes you question what you are reading.HEIDI PERKS delivers a character driven, intriguing and well written read here with complex and realistic characters, a uniquely written premise and an enthralling storyline The story is told from dual perspectives between Charlotte and Harriet in an alternating timeline of Now and Before the disappearance of Alice with excerpts from Harriet s diary I thoroughly enjoyed the format of this story and both perspectives and timelines equally I m a total sucker when an author chooses to add in different writing devices to spice up the story so the diary excerpts definitely added a little extra excitement to the story for me Norma s Stats Cover Worrisome, suspenseful and a fitting representation to storyline Although I thought maybe the stuffed animal should have been a different character as was mentioned in the book a few times Hmmm..maybe I missed something Update My ARC had a different cover than what was actually released Title Appealing, suspenseful, intriguing and absolutely love how the title plays so fittingly into storyline Writing Prose Well written, engaging, captivating, and fluid I thoroughly enjoyed this author s writing style Plot Unique, thought provoking, suspenseful, gripping, perfectly paced, absorbing, enjoyable and extremely entertaining I found this storyline to be quite refreshing Ending An absolutely perfect and plausible resolution that I was extremely satisfied with Overall An excellent read that had me totally entertained and engrossed from start to finish Would highly recommend Thank you so much to Simon Schuster Canada and Heidi Perks for gifting me a physical advance uncorrected proof to read I thoroughly enjoyed the reading experience Review can also be found on our blog

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    Blog Facebook Twitter Tumblr Instagram Pinterest In a world full of psychological thrillers about missing girls, this is probably the only one that stands out on its own and reigns them all What would you do if you leave your kid with your friend, and she suddenly lost it How would you react if they told you she was on her phone throughout that time Your friend has many secrets, but hey SO DO YOU While we have the overrated stories of how a girl goes missing, everyone involved is hiding something, things get intense, and in one moment we find it all out here Heidi Perks did an extremely great job to spice things up and make this book one of a kind She blended all these things together so well, that I couldn t put the book down with intense moments happening on every single page The characters were very well formed I could connect so easily to every single one of them I loved their backgrounds and the little Easter eggs hidden through that only made sense in the end PRECIOUS The story plot was so cleverly put together, and I greatly enjoyed it A nice, fast paced, psychological thriller that will give you the chills constantly, make you start biting your nails again, scroll through the next chapters and forget about your sleep until you ve finished it Big intense five stars from me, and definitely one of the best intense stories I have read in 2018 A big thank you to Netgalley and Random House UK, Cornerstone, for providing me a copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    I grew up always knowing that my mother would sacrifice her life, if necessary, for mine She would step in front of the bus or lay down on a set of railroad tracks for me She taught me that there is no greater bond and love you can have than that of a mother and child.Now imagine your worst nightmare as a parent, your child goes missing.Heidi Perks psychological thriller, Her One Mistake, is a chillingly, fast paced mystery that will have you wondering where you missed that sign or clue several times throughout the book.Four year old Alice is the only child of young mother, Harriet, and her husband Brian She has never been out of her mothers sight since the day she was born Harriet decides to let her best friend, Charlotte, take Alice to the school fair along with Charlotte s three children for a day of fun What should have been a day filled with laughter, bellies full of too much sugar and children falling asleep on the way home, turns into Harriet s worst nightmares as Alice goes missing during Charlotte s watch.The story is told alternately from Harriett and Charlotte s point of view as well as before and after the event We learn that not everything is as it seems on the surface with twists and turns at every corner Her One Mistake is gripping, suspenseful, thought provoking, entertaining, disturbing and an engrossing read that at the end will leave you wondering what she thought her one mistake was.I received an advance copy of this book from Netgalley NetGalley HerOneMistake

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    4 stars A heart pounding, fast paced, jaw dropping novel Every parents worst nightmare your child goes missing This is what happens to Harriet when her best friend takes her daughter, Alice, for a playdate A fun day at the school fair ends in devastation when Charlotte cannot find Alice and has to notify the police Harriet cannot face Charlotte after what has happened Charlotte s life is upended as she is demonized by society causing the walls of her, at once, large social circle to close in on her What happened to four year old Alice This book had my heart pounding out of my chest The story unfolds through Harriet and Charlotte s perspectives and I felt completely heart broken for both sides I put myself in each of their shoes and found I couldn t decide which was worse The author, Heidi Perks, did a fantastic job drawing me right into the story from page one The writing was excellent and perfectly paced The perspective changes complimented one another smooth and effectively I look forward to reading from Heidi Perks Thank you to NetGalley, Simon Schuster Canada and Heidi Perks for providing me with an ARC to read and review Note This novel is also listed under the title Her One Mistake

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    All it takes is the slightest breeze to change the trajectory of one s life Moments acted upon and those missed opportunities viewed longingly from over the shoulder.Charlotte seems to hover over chaos day in and day out She s been separated from her husband, Tom, for two years She s used to tuning out the wild stampede of her three children who demand her attention almost every hour of the day Charlotte has become adept at running to the front door through landmines of disguarded toys.No one would ever have thought that quiet, shy Harriet would befriend an erupting volcano like Charlotte Harriet is so different from Charlotte s other friends and those friends have difficulty with including Harriet in their group Harriet is a withdrawn mother of four year old Alice She keeps her daughter safely tucked in her home with strict supervision Charlotte always extends playdates which Harriet talks her way out of.But today Harriet is asking a special favor of Charlotte Harriet wishes to attend a bookkeeping class held at a local hotel for the day Charlotte is delighted to have little Alice included in their trip to the school s fair Harriet hugs her daughter goodbye As readers, we feel the heaviness of something yet to come.Charlotte watches as the little band of children enter the Jungle Run She checks her phone as she waits for them to return Her own brood comes running out the Exit, but there s no sign of Alice In a panic, Charlotte crawls inside herself No Alice She runs wildly through the crowd calling for Alice No response The police are called and the search begins.Can you even imagine approaching your friend and telling her that her child is missing under your watch The guilt must be mind boggling Harriet refuses any attempts by Charlotte Charlotte is devastated.But as readers, we will notice the thin light under the door of secrets Something is not right here.Heidi Perks creates a tension filled storyline that doesn t give you time to breathe from the very onset She packs it with emotions that the reader can readily relate to Her characters will set your teeth on edge If you re in a bit of a reading lull about now, Her One Mistake will definitely have you soaring through the pages A ripping good one.

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    Now you see her she s playing at the school fete with your own children You pull out your phone, scroll through Facebook , and when you look up again NOW YOU DON T.Charlotte is Harriet s only friend Charlotte is divorced from Tom and has three children Harriet is married to Brian and has a daughter called Alice Harriet has never been separated from Alice since the day she was born Harriet is taking a bookkeeping course and asks Charlotte to look after her Charlotte takes Alice and her own three children to the summer fete where Alice goes missing after she has a shot on a jungle inflatable.This story starts off very slowly It s told in the present then it jumps back and forward to the past It s also told from different points of view The book is full is full of twist and turns We keep finding out something new in either the characters or the plot This is a tense but at times it can be an uncomfortable read You will have to read this book to find out what happens I could tell you but the I would only spoil it for you.I would like to thank NetGalley, Random House UK, Cornerstone and the author Heidi Perks for my ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    Charlotte Reynolds is taking her three young children to the school fair and has agree to let her friend Harriet Hodder s 4 year old daughter, Alice, accompany them This is the first time Harriet has left her daughter with anyone so this was a major event for the both of them While the children were playing on an inflatable ride, Charlotte was keeping an eye on them from a short distance, briefly checking her phone messages and Facebook page At some point she notices that Alice isn t with her two oldest children any and has to eventually face the reality that the child is missing It s awful enough to lose track of your own child so imagine the anguish of losing someone else s in your care This story clicked for me from the start, even though it s of a slowly developing one It transitions between the present and the day Alice went missing using Charlotte s and Harriett s narratives I loved this technique as it allowed me to really get to know both of these characters from their own points of view and each other s I felt the anguish of both women, while different for both, it was still palatable It was difficult to not sort of judge Charlotte but what happened to her in the aftermath was reflective of our current societal environment with social media used as an outlet for others to weigh in anonymously The damage wreaked is immeasurable no matter if the parties are innocent or don t deserve to be judged Then this story takes a jaw dropping turn that I never, ever saw coming It shifts to a whole new set of suspense factors Rarely am I caught this far off guard and I literally couldn t stop listening There were multiple narrators used and they were just excellent, completely inhabiting their characters personalities I m so happy I chose the audio format as I loved being told this story by experienced storytellers I m also glad I took a chance on a new to me author who has now increased her fan base and I ll be checking out her backlist 4.5 stars I received an advance copy from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review Posted on Blue Mood Caf

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    Thank you NetGalley and Simon Schuster Canada for granting my wish.This was a well woven story with lots of intrigue.I was a bit let down by the ending I had hoped for with how well the rest of the book came together.

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    Her One Mistake by Heidi Perks is a gripping thriller that covers every parents worse nightmare, a child gone in the blink of an eye The author has given this a bit of a twist though with it being a friend taking care of the little girl when she goes missing.Harriet had never been separated from her four year old daughter Alice since she had been born Other mothers use babysitters, friends or family quite often to get even a small break but Harriet was a stay at home mother who hadn t trusted anyone with her precious daughter until now.Charlotte is Harriet s best friend and about as opposite as can be With three children of her own Charlotte volunteers to take Alice with them to the school fair so Harriet can take a class that afternoon With four kids in tow Charlotte heads to the fair where the children begin to play but when her own children return from a ride without Alice Charlotte is devastated when there is no sign of the child.Her One Mistake is one of those books that really was thought provoking We are a society of placing blame on victims and as much as anyone disagrees with Charlotte s actions in the beginning of this she is still a victim having to live with what happened And then there s Harriet who your heart can t help but break for as the emotional side of the book begins to stand out But of course as with any good thriller there are plenty of twists and turns to keep a reader guessing until the last page Definitely one that kept me on the edge of my seat and would recommend.I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit

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    Her One Mistake by Heidi Perks is an emotional thriller that will definitely take you on a ride.Of course what I do love about thrillers is that it s always darkness that will unfold at the seams once you begin the story Heidi lays the groundwork nicely for her readers and has a nice little twist in this one that will keep you reading.Harriet has never been separated from her four year old daughter Alice since she gave birth to her One day Harriet s best friend Charlotte offers to take Alice to the fair along with her three other children Charlotte takes all four children to the fair and they begin to play The children decide to go on a ride and shortly after Charlotte sees her own children return but there is no sign of Alice Charlotte is devastated as you can imagine that she lost her best friend s daughter Talk about guilt WOW I think I felt for Charlotte the most because she had to deal with the aftermath of being shunned by the entire town and the stigma associated with loosing someone else s daughter Of course nothing is what is appears to be in this story Harriet is devastated trying to find her daughter also is dealing with the blaming of her husband Brian The story was pretty slow to build for me and was pretty bored on and off throughout the entire story But, a twist happens about 50 percent in and I wasn t expecting that.But, the story STILL was dragging for me And. the ending seemed to be rushed to me I m not sure where the author was going at the final end Honestly in the last chapter I was holding on to a final grasp of a twist and it just ended I wouldn t categorize this as a dark thriller at all Maybe of a domestic emotional story.Overall, this was a decent story and was entertained I look forward to seeing what Perks comes up with next.3.5 stars rounded down on this one.Huge thank you to Netgalley and Gallery Publishing for the advanced arc in exchange for my honest review.Published to GR 10 30 18Publication date 1 8 19

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