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Doctors Dictionary In This Pithy Abecedarium, Doctor And Poet Iain Bamforth Takes A Close Look At The Conflict Of Values Embodied In What We Call Medicine Never Entirely A Science And No Longer Quite The Art It Used To Be Bamforth Brings His Wide Experience Of Medicine Around The World, From The High Tech American Hospital Of Paris To The Community Health Centers Of Papua, Together With His Engaging Interest In The Stranger Manifestations Of Medical Matters In Relation To Art, Literature, And Culture Such As The Mysterious Stendhal S Syndrome, Which Caused 106 Tourists In Florence To Be Hospitalized Due To An Overload Of Sublime Renaissance Art.

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    What an interesting little book Actually, it s not little at all An essay for each letter of the alphabet, this book is not what I expected I was expecting like a medical dictionary or something dry and dull but useful Instead, it s likely, genuine, thought provoking, and interesting What a surprise I was going to give it to a friend who is a nursing student but I m keeping it for myse...

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    At times too detailed and scholarly for those with only a passing interest But I applaud the thrust of this collection the many ways in which the medical and the literary cultural interact and cross fertilize come to the fore through the sheer variety o...

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