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Can You Tolerate This?: Personal EssaysA Dazzling And Already Prizewinning Collection Of Essays On Youth And Aging, Ambition And Disappointment, Katherine Mansfield Tourism And New Zealand Punk Rock, And The Limitations Of The Body Youth And Frailty, Ambition And Anxiety, The Limitations Of The Body And The Challenges Of Personal Transformation These Are The Undercurrents That Animate Acclaimed Poet Ashleigh Young S First Collection Of Essays In Can You Tolerate Thisthe Title Comes From The Question Chiropractors Ask To Test A Patient S Pain Threshold Young Ushers Us Into Her Early Years In The Faraway Yet Familiar Landscape Of New Zealand Fantasizing About Paul McCartney, Cheering On Her Older Brother S Fledging Music Career, And Yearning For A Larger And Creative Life As Young S Perspective Expands, A Series Of Historical Portraits A Boy Who Grew New Bone Wherever He Was Injured, An Early French Postman Who Built A Stone Fortress By Hand, A Generation Of Japanese Shut Ins Strike Unexpected Personal Harmonies, As An Unselfconscious Childhood Gives Way To Painful Shyness In Adolescence As We Watch Young Fall In And Out Of Love, Undertake An Intense Yoga Practice That Masks An Eating Disorder, And Gradually Find Herself Through Her Writing, A Highly Particular Psyche Comes Into View Curious, Tender, And Exacting In Her Observations Of Herself And The World Around Her Can You Tolerate Thispresents A Vivid Self Portrait Of An Introspective Yet Widely Curious Young Woman, The Colorful, Isolated Community In Which She Comes Of Age, And The Uneasy Tensions Between Safety And Risk, Love And Solitude, The Catharsis Of Grief And The Ecstasy Of Creation That Define Our Lives.

[Read] ➬ Can You Tolerate This?: Personal Essays Author Ashleigh Young – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Can You Tolerate This?: Personal Essays
  • Ashleigh Young
  • English
  • 02 May 2018
  • 9780525534037

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    This was highly uneven I thought the second half worked a lot better than the first there were some really amazing essays there but if I hadn t had a review copy of this, I don t think I would have even gotten that far The first third of the book was particularly difficult to get into.Ashleigh Young wrote essays on a variety of topics, often semi auto biographical in nature but always considering other perspectives as well and in theory I should have adored this There is a fairly long essay early on in this collection Big Red dealing with her relationship with her brothers that seems custom made for me I do love sibling relationships but made me nearly give up the book I found it unfocused and to be honest, pretty badly written in a vague way.I did, however, really enjoy her essay on workin...

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    Sometimes, when I love a book so much, I find it so hard to coherently articulate the whys and the hows The way that some of my fave authors can do, this essay collection makes me feel a certain type of way It s hard to say exactly what, but probably a combination of familiar, nostalgic, piercing, human, et al It s the way I can happily sink into a Murakami or Gaiman novel and think ahh, and feel the familiar feels I feel as I read and love what I m read...

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    Brilliant, surprising and layered collection on interwoven memoir, historical oddity and observation For me this book is always going to defy categorization, and I m struggling to articulate why I liked it so m...

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    3.5 starsI think Can You Tolerate This worked best when author Young s family members father, mother, older brothers JP and Neil, and even the nameless pet dog and childhood memories were the main focus in some of twenty essays in this collection For whatever reason those kept my interest than many of the others Maybe the unique New Zealand setting also had something to do with it However when she occasionally speaks of her own later experiences there were a few other stories that bear mentioning Katherine Would Approve about one of her first adult jobs and the personalities involved, at a histor...

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    Do believe the hype Blimmin genius Beautiful, thought provoking and clever Highly recommended.

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    Like most collections of essays, Can You Tolerate This is a book to dip into from time to time, but I ve chosen to write about Big Red, the longest essay in the collection because it s so much about something I never had brothers Perhaps the essay is as much about being the youngest, observing the progress of older siblings in the world, but brothers seem to do things differently In particular, there s the problem of negotiating and interpreting the silence of the adolescent male.The Big Red of the essay s title refers to a jacket worn by her brother JP His name is really John Paul, but in small town New Zealand he gets razzed about that his name, John Paul, was too much for most people to grasp John they would say when introduced Ah, no John Paul, JP would reply, but they would go on calling him John, as if righting a long held mistake Finally he might say, Most people just call me JP, and everyone still calls him that p.47 Despite his father s exhortations that You gotta have money coming in , JP is a songwriter, getting by with a series of meaningless jobs While her father is immobilised in their town by inertia, refusing to move even when his wife takes a job elsewhere, the boys eventually take off to see the world, leaving Ashleigh behind Older brother Neil eventually goes to Lond...

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    It is a long time since I read a book of essays, reading this made me realise that I have been missing out and that I should do far reading of shorter forms of writing Ashleigh Young writes the most beautiful sentences, they are deceptively simple She draws you in and had me reading story after story, although they aren t really stories they are musings and wonderings and reflections She examines her family and her past Musings on her childhood anxieties and siblings are so personal and thoughtful that I became very invested in her life, I think because there was a lot of familiarity there I recognised places but also the feelings she has as life in her household is described My favourite though was her musing on yoga Her descriptions of the feelings of examining the feelings of the stretches and the introspection that yoga brings Bikram yoga is extreme, I think The idea of choosing to exercise in unbelievable heat is something I just couldn t contemplate yet to have Ashleigh Young describe it and almost meditate upon it, makes it close to appealing I ve been trying to describe this book to friends and I have difficulty putting my finger on what exactly it is about it that I loved so much I think it is ...

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    Can You Tolerate This is the debut essay collection from New Zealand author Ashleigh Young, and contains a mixture of general non fiction pieces and personal essays I really hoped I d love this, but I only liked the general historical non fiction essays these included pieces on Ferdinand Cheval, Katherine Mansfield and hikikomori Unfortunately the personal essays were kind of vague and inconsistent, with many focusing on Youn...

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    It s taken me almost 1.5 years to read this because it s been my car book and increasingly my daughter doesn t nap in the car When she does and I m properly caffeinated I bring out my tatty copy from ...

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    Essays are not something that I would normally read, but this book came highly recommended from a friend The essays are contemplative and based on the author s own experiences and musings, with a distinct New Zealand fl...

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